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The Name-as-many-________-as-you-can Game

I have to confess I stole this idea from another site. But I don't feel bad because apparently they stole the idea from yet another site. I've generalized the code and added a few more lists to it. Enjoy. Please don't sue me, other sites!

I can also really easily add more lists to this game, so if you have an idea of a new list to add to this game, just drop me a line.

Shape Shifter

This was my entry for PyWeek 13 which I eventually converted to Silverlight.

Guess the Video Game Character

Think of a video game character and answer a series of yes/no questions as though you were that character. Once the computer thinks it has enough information, it will try to guess who you are thinking of.

JavaScript Dragon Warrior

The idea was to make a perfect replica of the 1986 NES game Dragon Warrior. This is still very much a work in progress as the only things that work is the map and a few of the menu options.

I've tested this on Internet Explorer and Firefox...and it only works in Firefox. I don't know about other browsers like Opera, Safari, or Konqueror. Update: I've had 1 report that it works in Opera

JavaScript WYSIWYG Equation Editor

This is a prototype I slapped together one morning to see if I could do it. So there are many known issues (see below). I'll probably come back to it one of these days.

  • Firefox only
  • Pressing backspace will invoke the back button on the browser (so open it in a new window)
  • Arrow keys don't work
  • Click regions are a little wonky

Silverlight Minesweeper

Not much to say here. Silverlight is a much better platform than Flash for developing some kinds of games with.


A sort of MarioPaint clone. If you never played MarioPaint in 1992, then you can get up to speed here.