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O'Harean Calendar & O'Harean Time

The modern calendar is full of historical quirks and politics and for the most part, has no sense of consistency. Weeks and most months have a prime-number of days, which means simple phrases like "half a month" or "half a week" are ambiguous. The day rollover occurs at midnight, a time that many people are still awake. Daylight savings is no longer as important as it was when it was created and causes more confusion than convenience. The calendar also has no correlation with seasons, something we culturally force it to do, and sometimes incorrectly like associating December with winter, for example. Most of December is in Autumn in the northern hemisphere while in the southern hemisphere, December is spring and summer.

The O'Harean Calendar is my attempt at creating a logic-based calendar system. It is season-based and all major time divisions are divisble by small common whole numbers that we, as a base-10-focused society, are comfortable with.

Note: The timestamp you see at the bottom of my other webpages does not coincide with the explanation of the calendar below. This is because I recently made standardizing/simplifying changes to my calendar which I will roll out to my websites in the near future. Sorry for any confusion.

Full explanation of the O'Harean Calendar and time system

A page that will convert between various calendar and time systems (O'Harean, Gregorian, and Unix-timestamp currently supported)

Software libraries for O'Harean Time so you can include it in your programs and web apps